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Women of the World Unite

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Hello Dear Friends of Laughter,

Today, April 10, 2021, I managed to pull together a project in under two weeks time. With the help of the amazing laughter community. Both men and women helped in this project. What a bless

ing to know so many people around the world. Because of this beautiful advantage I was able to unite 30 women from many parts of the world to Laugh together and express our freedom and joy with everyone. In fact this project was inspired by men of laughter yoga. There is a group of amazing laughter men doing Manly laughter. I thought this was a great

idea. I also sat and wondered what can I do to benefit the women of the world? I don’t believe in separating our genders. I believe in uniting people of all genders, races, color, nationalities etc. But somehow my heart was tugged on this idea, how can I benefit the women of the world?

In 2018 I left a 14 year marriage where near the end of the marriage I did not feel I could be free in my vocal expressions. I felt like I needed to tiptoe with my words. And the tensions was so tight between us that my laughter was not welcomed by my former spouse. I tried to quiet myself make myself small and be a weak woman in this relationship. He did not do any physical harm to me but the harm that was done was emotional and psychological in nature. It was not in his nature to accept my joyful disposition. But inside I was dyeing I would not express myself completely. The tensions was not just about laughter it was also related to my spiritual life and practices. We differed on a number of levels and grew apart and I wanted with all my h

eart to change to be loved. But I realized that by doing this I was harming myself.

So as I thought about my o

wn courage to leave a situation that was not serving me on a number of levels, and as I talked with other women about similar situations. It became clear to me how many women do not have the same opportunities as me to leave their situation. Sometimes it’s because of fear, culture or religious values or they just feel stuck. I felt a tug on my heart to do something to take an action to support these women. I also wanted to unify women around the world. To take a stand and support one another. We are all one family no matter our gender. Unfortunately somethings like domestic violence is more likely to happen to

women than men. In light of this my heart said take action do something for others. So

I did. I contacted several Russian ladies I knew and Joe from British Columbia, a laughter yoga brother and things just started moving forward like magic. More like the Divine was holding this project in its pure raw form.

This project turned into a

bigger Idea. What would it be to make a scholarship fund for a woman that cannot afford to pay for lessons or come learn in India with Dr. Kataria? As I open to the possibi

lities of this happening I am excited. Just as I was excited to create the Women of the World event. It is always my joy to uplift others as when we uplift one another everyone wins and everyone benefits.

I am Privileged to have worked with 29 women from around the world organizing this event. What a gift and a joy to love and serve others and uplift them. I look forward to doing this next year

and keeping you posted on the scholarship side of this project. When we open our hearts beyond the “me” and open to “we” amazing beautiful things happen people are uplifted and life looks brighter for everyone.

May you be Happy, healthy, and filled with Joy. And may you uplift another person today. With all this world is going through we can make this world brighter and lighter with our laughter joy and peace. I love you and that will never change!- I love this world- Ginger

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