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Women of the World Courageously Unite - For Freedom

I warmly invite you to join WOTWCU- For FREEDOM on June 10, 2023 at 10am PT to 11:30am Pt. This year I am selling tickets to create a scholarship fund for women in Iran. these tickets are 10 USD each and all the funds minus taxes I have to pay goes straight to the recipients. Myself and the women in this event are strictly volunteering our time, love and energy to make this happen together. To buy a ticket click here. For donation for the scholarship fund use to donate to PayPal.

I am Delighted to inform you that there will be two amazing women from Iran hosting and leading this event. It is 1.5 hours and we welcome everyone, There are only female presenters but everyone is welcome to attend men we especially encourage you to show up to support these amazing women.


I am often ask this question by men. I created WOTWCU 3 years ago around the pandemic, during this time there was a rise in the number of domestic violence cases against women. I want to explain something here for a minute before I continue writing about the development of WOTWCU. Do you think men also experience violence in homes too? YES, absolutely they do, and it is very unfortunate that anyone on this planet experiences such suffering and pains from people that say they love them. I want to acknowledge this issues as men as well as women experience DV. It is possible that men report fewer incidents then women do.

WOTWCU is not about Women vs Men. We highly encourage men to participate in our project. they can help us by attending and supporting these courageous women. Men are also welcome to participate in helping with technical issues, sharing information about this event on there social media platforms and IT assistance in this project.

Back to the development of WOTWCU.

WOTWCU is about encouraging women all over the world to find their voice, step into leadership roles and be empowered in there lives and work. When women come together we bond in a sisterhood, are united in love and grace. When we feel supported loved and encouraged by one another, this love overflows to our loved ones, our partners, our families, our neighborhoods, our communities, our spiritual and religious communities. The same is true for men.

WOTWCU was created from a deep longing in my heart to uplift everyone in this world starting with our women. Every year I am approached by women who feel shy, embarrassed, uncertain of themselves or their skills, their talents and abilities and how to share the gift of who they are. For these wonderful amazing women this event has become there platform to find there voice not only in laughter but also in pursuing their dreams, feeling heard and expressing their joy, light and freedom to the world.

My second deep desire was to turn this into a scholarship funded event. WHY? I believe that every one has the right to pursue there dreams, to live in a safe environment, to have fund

s for education and in turn make a difference in their community, country and world.

It is so beautiful to see the number of people supporting this scholarship fund for women in Iran. WOW I feel so grateful for the number of hearts that want to see other women supported and make a change in there community and lives. A number of people have asked me if they could donate rather than to buy tickets. If you want to donate here is the PayPal email address you can use to send a donation. please indicate DONATION FOR Iran Scholarship FUND. This way I am clear of where that donations going to.

I w

ant to thank all the wonderful women of the world that are volunteering their time and talent to this event. My heart is deeply touched and enriched by such kindness and warmth and love from each of these lovely ladies. Also for those that have donated toward the scholarship via a ticket or a straight donation.

My hope is that this years event will help bring awareness to support women's rights and change for freedom in Iran. And a wish even bigger then that, is that, all people are encouraged and uplifted by this event taking place seeing that as a human rase we can come

together united and not divided, that we can, world wide make a difference and we can lift each other, our communities, and our countries up.

To get in touch contact me at

WhatsApp +1 575 342 8999,

Thank you for your support and love.

Thank you for reading this blog post.

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