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Energy Medicine

Training at the prestigious International Institute of Medical Qigong in Monterey CA, I happily earned and received my master’s in Medical Qigong in 2002. Beginning my practice soon after, I had the privilege of serving the Everett community in Washington state through teaching classes and working with clients, which allowed me to deepen my sensitivity to the work and to the profound, transformational exchange of Medical Qigong. These years of successful practice, with such a variety of clientele, inspired me to continue my educational path with acceptance into The Spectrum Center School of Massage in Lynnwood WA, earning my

degree in July 2018. My hunger for a deeper understanding and continued connection to energy,

body, and the beneficial transformation of ourselves continues to inspire my educational path as I now hold many supportive certifications in my field.


Enchanting Taos called to me in 2018. I feel such joy to be of service to visitors as well as locals. It is a privileged to witness healings happening in my client's and to hear their testimonies. I welcome the opportunity to share my path with yours. Supporting you in loving your life, your body, and finding space for gratitude. May you thrive in all ways. ALWAYS.

Call or text me to schedule your appointment 575 342 8999

I am now in California.


                             **Medical Qigong 

           Clinical and Therapeutic Massage

                           ** Energy Medicine

                  Polarity Energy Therapy

                               Cranial Sacral

        **Healing Touch Certification Level 1

                    ** Distance Healing  and in person*

                                      1 hour is $125.00 

                                      1.5 hour is $187500

                                      2 hours  is  $ 250.00

For questions and to book a session please

reach for me directly by text, call or email.

                   phone 1 (575) 342 8999


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