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Books and Resources

Here you will find some powerful books and resources that Ginger uses in her life. These books are not just for reading, they are for empowering your spiritual growth, unconditional joy and enhancing your love for life. 

You will find on this page two powerful heart centered books.

Opening the Heart of Compassion and The Way of Radiance.

More Resources and books will be added later.  

Way of Radiance

THE WAY OF RADIANCE is a powerful and dynamic book, designed to make the foundations of advanced spiritual development accessible. Based on our human design, THE WAY OF RADIANCE highlights profound pith teachings from many of the spiritual traditions of humanity, and builds upon them. Using a text and cartoon format creates a dynamic, playful, and practical pathway to spiritual practice & development, and opening to our true nature. Click here to order this book, and learn more about Lama Lar. 

Opening the Heart of Compassion: Transform Suffering Through Buddhist Psychology and Practice 

From the authors:
"We have chosen to offer this amalgam of east and west, of modern and traditional, and of the ordinary and the sacred through teachings about the habits of mind that shape our experience of ourselves and of the world, which often results in us living in a world of pain. The path out of that suffering to freedom involves taking creative action that is guided by compassion. This compassion is developed through reflection upon the nature of our condition, and insight into our ways of operating as the source of possibilities for suffering or creative expression."

Click here to order this book

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