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Laughter Yoga

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Good Mood and More Laughter

Laughter Yoga helps to change your mood within minutes by releasing certain chemicals from your brain cells called endorphins. You will remain cheerful and in a good mood throughout the day and will laugh more than you normally do.

Quality of Life

Laughter is a positive energy which helps people to connect with other people quickly and improves relationships. If you laugh more, you will attract many friends.

Healthy Exercise to Beat Stress

Laughter Yoga is like an aerobic exercise (cardio workout) which brings more oxygen to the body and brain thereby making one feel more energetic and relaxed.

Positive Attitude in Challenging Times

Everyone can laugh when life is good, but how does one laugh when faced with challenges? Laughter helps to create a positive mental state to deal with negative situations and negative people. It gives hope and optimism to cope with difficult times.

Health Benefits

Laughter Yoga reduces the stress and strengthens the immune system.You will not fall sick easily and if you have some chronic health conditions, you will heal faster.

5 Benefits of Laughter Yoga



My husband encourages me to participate in Laughter Yoga groups as often as possible.  He says that after a session, I am more upbeat, invigorated and energetic.  I have a happier demeanor, my face is bright, and I look more gorgeous than ever. 


Thank you very much Leah for the lesson. Despite the lack of knowledge of English, we danced, laughed, breathed, and even had a tomato.


Leah, thank you for the great class. Well designed. You generate laugh with exercises and minimum conversations that makes class very efficient.

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