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Energy of Joy, It's all about the Heart Part 1

  • 30Days
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The Heart is the fire element in Chinese Energetic Medicine. This a 2.5 hour workshop. You will learn specific Energetic patterns of the heart, it's flow, it's emotions of balances and imbalances. Specific Qigong Exercises for opening the heart and energy system, regulating and balancing the heart Qi. You will learn how to create internal laughter and joy in combination of Qigong Meditative Movements. How this, in itself is not only healing for you emotional wellbeing but also creates a beautiful joy energy around you. Proper standing and breathing techniques in Qigong. How to bring joy into and out of the heart through laughter yoga and special heart meditation developed by Ginger, that will leave you feeling joyful, calm, and centered. After this class you will have a deeper understanding of the energetics of the Heart, Joy and Carrying the Qi of Joy and love in your heart every day.





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